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Submission Guidelines

Please Follow These Rules else your Link will be Deleted

  • No Duplicate Links Check for duplicate links using Search Displayed at top, enter your site url and search, if it exists your new link that you submit will not be approved. In simple Words, one link per site on the directory, no multiple submission of same site in various categories, doing so will result in removal of all links that you submit.
  • Site must be indexed by Google. Check Google for term site: If no results are shown we will either remove link or mark it as pending for later approval. Example : Site:
  • No Inner Pages, for example However, we allow only single subdomain submissions. for example will be accepted as long as does not already exist in our directory.
  • No Objectionable sites like Warez, illegal downloads, illegal adult sites,phishing sites and so on...
  • Sites submitted in Top Category say for example sites submitted to Shopping,Arts category will be removed, they are reserved for Featured and Sponsored Sites only. Submit to inner categories for example : Shopping>Clothes , if you cannot locate correct subcategory use Others/Misc. category. Submissions to Top Level Categories and in wrong categories will be removed.
  • Adult, Warez, Gambling, Non - Family sites are not allowed as this is a Family Friendly Directory..
  • Sites in language other than English will be rejected if they do not have any english translation available for the same.