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Here are some downloads for gamers, specially MTA gamers and Quake Fans and Soldat Game Fans. More downloads will be added only on demand, so if you want something to be available for download let us know using the Contact form. There are also some videos here for those who do not know what MTA means. Its Multi Theft Auto.If you like to upload some game screen shots feel free to use the Free Image Hosting Services we are providing.

Soldat 1.3.1 or Soldat 131 Client Download

Lots of Soldat Maps Download

1. MTA Video : Showing Place/Locations on RPG Server : 85 Mb

2. Cool Stunt Movie-GTA : By Ghost and Zbination : 52 Mb

3. All Seeing Eye

4.Bf2 Patch 1.02 : 17 Mb

5.Uo Map Pack Official : Contains UO_Caretan , UO_Harbor and other official Maps. 38 Mb

6. MTA 0.5 Installer : Client and Tool For Making MTA Server for GTA Vice City 3 Mb

7.MTA-Health-Hacker: Video of One MTA Health Hacker 3 Mb

8.MTA-Server 0.5: MTA Windows Server Files

9.MTA Server Patch: This patch is needed otherwise scripts wont work on MTA 0.5 Server

10.San Andreas Gcc 3.3 Linux Server : Linux SanAndreas Server | GCC 3.3 . R1.0

11.San Andreas Windows Server: Windows SanAndreas Server | R1.0

12.San Andreas MTA Client R1.0 : Windows MTA SanAndreas Client | R1.0

13.Quake 3 Ufreeze Mod :Steps to installing :

1. Go to your Quake III Arena directory (default: C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\)
2. Create a folder named ‘ufreeze’
3. Place the four files above into the ufreeze directory (right click and saveas)
4. Connect to our server at and start Freezing

14.Q3 PointRelease vs 1.32 Windows : Windows Latest Quake3 Release 1.32 . Needed to play on protcol 68 quake servers. Installation : Just execute the exe and it will update your quake3 .

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